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For everything I do, this is my vision. I’m always dreaming of a better world.

I am a creatively professional lifesaving technologist. I am a network administrator, CPR/BLS/lifeguarding/water safety/emergency medical response instructor trainer, proud union leader (including being a local union president and state committee chairperson), merit system advocate, street motorcyclist / Honda Super Cub enthusiast and track day rider (with the highest level safety certification through Total Control Training, Advanced Riding Clinic Level 2), web designer, theatre lighting/sound designer and technician, video gamer, anime fan, poet, photographer, cinematographer, musician, entrepreneur, swimmer, and community volunteer. I’m an Eagle Scout with a Gold Palm. And, of course, a dreamer. About the only thing I cannot do is dance. Judge for yourself.

My résumé of past work also includes: 13 years as an Orange County elections officer, 6 years as a pool lifeguard, 8 years as a Red Cross regional volunteer (teaching health & safety/disaster courses, as well as IT stuff), 25 years as a music minister (with 7 of those years as a worship leader/youth and young adult bandleader), 12 years as a Scouting adult volunteer, a little bit of improv experience, a degree in English – Creative Writing (with two minors in math and theatre – Go Beach!), and a certificate in network infrastructure.

I have extensive experience in writing organizational policy, rules and regulations, technical publications, short stories, plays, poems, non-fiction pieces, and was accepted to the MFA Creative Writing program at California State University, Long Beach (had to turn it down, but a MFA is still a dream of mine). I’ve successfully won a union grievance on behalf of my fellow employees and wrote a framework to change California state law – both on the first try. I’ve acted in one musical (played Lamar in Godspell) and wrote 23 reviews in a single year for The Cappies. Just to name a few.

Whatever tools I have to help create a more imaginative, expressive, and diverse world, I’ll help you create.

let’s talk.

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